Lighting Sets the Tone

About Us

Venue Lighting

We use high quality, battery-powered, wirelessly controlled uplighting to accent the venue and add color.  The effects can be astounding.  Our lighting is capable of virtually any color.  We can also set the array to change to the music, creating an immersive dance experience.

Dance Floor Lighting

We feature a fully-interactive light show for the dance floor with many different effects sequenced to the music.  We use these capabilities to complete the feel of a song.  Whether it is movement to complement a slow dance, or strobing effects to make the floor jump, lighting makes the experience immersive.

Gobo Lights

Gobo lighting can be a great personal touch to complete the decor.  The gobo itself can be designed and ordered from many different sources.  We will use it during the event, and it is yours to keep for happily ever after!  The light can be steady or rotating, and it can be projected on either a wall or the floor.